Mark Schmidt

"I remember being asked to contribute to his web project at the Banff Centre with music and sound design, and was thrilled to have the opportunity. When I got there, Cheryl, me, and Russell Wallace, whom I had just met, worked on the melody of a song/poem called "Bang it Up". Russell and I continued working with midi keyboards and a digital deck to build loops and keyboard parts to this piece. Russell fell ill 3 days into the process and went to the hospital and ultimately had to quit early. I continued and discovered by this time the digital recording deck was being used by another group in an adjacent studio, so I opted to use a 1-inch analog 16 track to finish. I edited and completed the loops and keyboard parts, and recorded guitars as well as a rough mix in Banff. I reworked the mixes in Regina a few years later in a different direction, but kept the name and credited both Russell and Cheryl as co-writers. I included it on a compilation that I have on CD. For this remix I added a preacher I had recorded off of a TV show in the late 80's. I added my own voice and keyboard swells to initiate that full stop in the first half. I also added an excerpt of Debra Piapot's voice in that full stop - it fit perfectly! Otherwise, the basic bed is straight from Banff. I remember that what we did in the studio was a bit different than the original melody Cheryl had created.

I found Ahasiw to be a very engaging person. I was always drawn to him because of his ideas and imagination, intelligence and interest in others' ideas - including my own. I was, at times, concerned about him. He went through some dark days, and I occasionally saw a different Ahasiw, but overall, he was a friendly and kind soul. I was sorry to hear he had passed. I liked him very much."

Mark Schmidt is a producer, songwriter and guitarist based in Regina, Saskatchewan. His work ranges from his self-produced debut CD I think I know my name in 1995 to sound design for theatre, music for commercials, scoring for television and producing other artists. After attending Trebas Institute for the Recording Arts production program in the mid 1980s in Toronto, Mark spent four years performing in the local bar scene and began his recording career. He returned to Saskatchewan in 1992 and has been involved in a multitude of projects since. His own debut release in January 1995 has made him a well-known figure in the Saskatchewan music scene. His music has been featured in several Saskatchewan television programs. Mark is currently the Entertainment Buyer for Casino Regina and still makes music in his spare time.